The Raya Snack Collection

Five all-time favourite traditional snacks, made with premium ingredients and packaged in individual glass jars, and a traditional "five stones" set.

Each hamper is packed with care in our elegant gift box and box sleeve, specially designed for the occasion, with a gift card to convey your message and a pack of gorgeous Raya packets.*

* Please note, in the event that any product becomes unavailable we will swap it for a similar item of equal or greater value.

Hamper Contents

Madeleine's Bangkit Cheese Cookies
Traditional cookies given a modern twist. Light, airy and cheesy, it melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more!

Madeleine's Popiah Udang Kering
A savoury snack packed with flavour and is oh-so-additive.

Weight: 130g per box
Ingredients: Each mini fried pastry encases dried shrimp filling and releases its sweet, mildly spicy umami flavours with a crispy crunch.
Strorage: Room temperature.

Madeleine's Serunding Daging
Aromatic beef floss.

Weight: 110g per box
Ingredients: Beef, spices, onions, chillies, garlic, ginger, coconut milk, sugar, salt.
Strorage: In a cool and dry place.

Madeleine's Premium Dried Fruit
Retaining the gorgeous aroma and floral sweetness of the fruit during the gentle drying process, these dried peaches are a nutritious and delightful treat.

Weight: Approx. 50g per box.

Madeleine's Gourmet Selection Dodol Gula Melaka
Southeast Asia's version of the chewy toffee. This traditional sweet combines the deliciousness of coconut milk and natural palm sugar.

Weight: 150g per box
Ingredients: Coconut milk, glutinous rice flour, palm sugar, granulated sugar, glucose, contains permitted food preservative.
Strorage: In a cool and dry place.

Raya Batu Seremban Gift
Batu Seremban or also known as Selambut (Five Stones) is a multi-level game that requires good hand-eye coordination and is usually played at leisure in groups of two or five people.

Also Included

Premium Gift Box
Hampers are packed in a beautiful magnetic box covered in a contemporary interpretation of Islamic geometric patterns.

Optional Free Premium Gift Card
Write a message for your lucky recipient and they will receive it in this free gorgeous gift card. Add a personal touch to your luxury gift for free.

Beautifully Designed 'Duit Raya' Packets
Stylish envelopes for ‘duit raya’ to share in the joy of giving.

Durable Lined Outer Shipping Box
Your precious hamper will be shipped in this durable double layered outer box lined with aluminium foil and state-of-the-art heat resistant foam sheet to preserve its contents in perfect condition.

Track & Trace
Track the full path of your order with our reputable courier tracking service.

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