Madeleine's Cookies & Crunch Raya Gift Set

A selection of two rich, buttery cookies and two crunchy tidbits that perfect for snacking during the festivities. These bite-sized treats are beautifully presented in a Raya themed set of containers.

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Hamper Contents

Madeleine’s Arabian Delight Cookies
The combination of clarified butter and crushed peanuts make these crumbly yet crunchy cookies a favourite during Hari Raya.

Weight: 230g per box
Ingredients: Pure Ghee, Wheat Flour, Salt, Groundnuts & Sugar.

Madeleine’s Sugee Almond Cookies
Traditional almond cookies that melt in your mouth to release a smooth buttery flavour.

Weight: 200g per box
Ingredients: Butter, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Pure Ghee, Almond & Salt.

Madeleine's Salted Egg Cornflakes
These crispy cornflakes coated with salted egg yolk, butter, aromatic curry leaves and a hint of spicy chillies are so delicious and addictive.

Weight: 150g per box
Ingredients: Cornflakes, Salted Egg Powder, Curry Leaf.

Madeleine's Seaweed Spring Rolls
Snack away with this crunchy and tasty seaweed snack. It's perfect anytime.

Weight: 100g per box
Ingredients: Spring Rolls, Seaweed, Chili Paste, Salt & Sugar, Contains Permitted Food Seasoning.

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