La Patissiere - Premium Baklava 1000g in Mosaic Box


A cornucopia of baklavas by the eminent La Patisserie, which sweets and pastries are served at the most prestigious events and establishments in the UAE. This wide assortment of ballourieh, bird’s nest and finger baklavas with cashew, pistachio and pine seed fillings is a great indulgence to be shared among a company of people or large party of friends. The presentation is exalted by the refined mosaic box in which the baklavas are placed; measuring L25.5cm x W25.5cm x H6.7cm, the box is handmade in Syria, honouring age-old tradition and craftsmanship.

Hamper Contents

Assorted Baklava 1000g
Assortment of the renowned Middle Eastern baklava.


Pistachio Mabroumeh, Pistachio Baklava, Pistachio Ish el Bilbol, Cashew Ish el Bilbol, Pine Seed Fingers, Cashew Fingers, Cashew Ballourieh and Pistachio Ballourieh.
Weight: 1000g
Ingredients: Sugar, Pistachio, Flour, Butter ghee, Cashew, Starch, Pine seed, Water, Milk, Salt.
Allergen: Product contains nuts.
Storage: Best stored in cool, dry place.

Wooden Mosaic Box
The box is handmade in Syria, honouring age-old tradition and craftsmanship.


Measurement: L25.5cm x W25.5cm x H6.7cm

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