The Celestial Collection I

A limited-edition, full-bodied cognac by Hennessy, placed inside a unique box designed in collaboration with Chinese artist, Liu Wei. Presented alongside the digestif are two delectable mooncakes, a refreshing robust Chinese tea and creamy cashews.

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Hamper Contents

KLT Lotus Paste Mooncake
(Single Salted Egg Yolk)

The luxurious Cantonese-style Lotus Paste Mooncake with a single salted egg yolk to balance out the sweetness and to symbolize the full moon.
Halal certified product.

Weight: 185g per piece
Ingredients: Lotus seed, Sugar, Flour, kernel seed, Maltose, Salted Egg Yolk, Cooking Oil & Egg.

KLT Lotus Paste Mooncake
(No Egg Yolk)

An exquisite Cantonese-style mooncake with fragrant lotus paste encased in a chewy baked crust, made from only the finest ingredients.
Halal certified product.

Weight: 185g per box
Ingredients: Lotus seed, Sugar, Flour, kernel seed, Maltose, Cooking Oil & Egg.
Halal certified product.

Madeleine's Premium Jumbo Cashewnuts
Whole cashewnuts dry-roasted and lightly salted to enhance their naturally creamy flavour.

Weight: 100g per box
Ingredients: Cashews, Coconut Oil, Salt.
Storage: In a cool and dry place.
Allergen: Contains nuts. May contain traces of cereals (gluten), peanuts, soybeans, milk derivatives and sesame seeds.

Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Limited Edition
A well-balanced cognac blend by Hennessy, housed in a special edition box designed in collaboration with Chinese artist, Liu Wei.

Hennessy V.S.O.P is a harmonious and well-structured cognac characterized by a crescendo of aromas, a natural balance of strength and smoothness, and remarkably lasting finish.
*Available in limited quantities for celebration.
Product of France.
40% vol 70cl

Pu Er
A dark Chinese tea originating from Yunnan, the Pu Er’s earthy fragrance and robust taste make it the perfect beverage to accompany the rich traditional delicacies of the Mid Autumn Festival.

Weight: 7g - 10g per piece
Ingredients: Yunnan large leave dried tea, glutinous rice fragrant leaves.
Storage: Store in cool, dry and well-ventilated place

Also Included

Premium Gift Box with Ribbon
Lined with white textured high quality paper and finished with a fine grosgrain ribbon, this gift box is just as beautiful as the carefully curated contents.

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